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Princesses of the Titan Wars by lordaphaius28
Princesses of the Titan Wars
Princesses Hestia, Hera and Demeter busting heads and kicking ass during the Titan War.

(They  were called princesses because their parents,  Cronus and Rhea, were the monarchs of the Titan Age)

Yeah! Girls gotta have some fun, too!
Lady Hera Curitis by lordaphaius28
Lady Hera Curitis
Ok. The youngest of the Olympian sisters.

Hera (or more appropriately, Juno) Curitis is the Goddess Protector of Spearmen, and an indispensable warrior of the Titan War. Brandishing her celestial spear forged by the Cyclops, the fierce and feisty Hera is truly a sight to behold in the battlefield.

P.S. The predominantly color blue theme in her signifies her role as the goddess of the air.

(Hestia is fire, Demeter is earth, Hera is air)
Lady Demeter Khrysaoros by lordaphaius28
Lady Demeter Khrysaoros
Going on with my headcanon where the goddesses did not just leave all the fighting to their Olympian brothers during the Titan War, I present Demeter Khrysaoros, the Lady of the Golden Blade. Using her golden sword forged by the Cyclops themselves, princess Demeter ran off to battle kicking ass and busting some heads of the enemy Titans.
Psyche (Verse) by lordaphaius28
Psyche (Verse)
When spontaneity attacks, I am able to create things like this.

(Or perhaps I am just really inspired by my 'Muse' right now :>)

Since Psyche is one of my favorite goddesses, I had to make the lines both mythologically and practically accurate to my life right now.

Yeah. The artwork and the verse are both by by me. Hope you like it!
Lady Hestia Prytanitis by lordaphaius28
Lady Hestia Prytanitis
Something I did on the first day of my holiday vacation. Hohoho.

So yeah, I have this headcanon where the goddesses did not just leave all the fighting to their Olympian brothers during the Titan War. The divine sisters also got to kick some ass in the said battle.

And there, I had to search for potential literary evidences, say titles or epithets implying this. As for Hestia, it was really hard so I had to settle for her surname Prytanitis, the Guardian of the Sacred Flame.

Happy holidays!


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Vee Jay
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Welcome to the world of the classical mythology!

Perhaps one of the most charming legacies that Ancient Greece had left to the modern world is its treasure trove of stories (both authored and rumored) about a race of IMMENSELY powerful beings called gods. 

To start with, let us define, or at least try to give identity to, the nature of our favorite immortals. The purpose of this article is to organize and present MY ideas about godhood in Greek Mythology as presented in different sources and media. Who knows, you might share the same thoughts with me about their immortality!

(Please take note, though, that what I’m writing here is in no way academic and definitive. You may assent or even contest the random things that I put here. After all, everyone is entitled to his own opinions. Right eh?)

Let's start!

Read the full article here:…

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ARTholomew159 Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2014
How many muses are there exactly?
lordaphaius28 Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Actually, different sources claim different number of muses. the generally accepted were 9 but there were also considered titan muses and delphic muses which both numbered 3.
ARTholomew159 Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2014
Will you be making more gods and titans, like helios, atlas, and others?
lordaphaius28 Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Yep! I am intending to draw all the greek immortals in my whole life time. haha. unfortunately, i haven't got much free time these days.
ARTholomew159 Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2014
Great, can't wait to see them. I bet Atlas is going to be holding up the world/sky when you make him. That must be rough on his shoulders.
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